The plan

The cabinet looked to be orginally painted by Centuri in a really beautiful blue. My goal was to repaint it with this color. I also decided to use white t-molding because it looks alot cleaner to me.

I replaced the metal control panel with a nice piece of faus wood. My end goal was to make the controlpanel appear maple and metal retainers silver to match my amazing stereo rack my brother in law gave us for our wedding

The control panel design grew from my desire to have 2 player support, with an extra 4way joystick hooked into player 1 (so you can play single player 4way games like pacman, etc) and a full set of buttons for modern games.

In addition i planned for the following controls: Player 1&2 Coin, Player 1&2 Start, enter, config, quit and pause. Some will notice that i don't have 'O' and 'K' buttons, and i say to them READ THE DOCS!!! You don't have to press OK just wiggle the joystick left to right and it will continue loading the rom!