The Cabinet's checkered past

Rented a van and pickedup a "robocop" and (huge)Gauntlet cabinet from a friend of mine.
The robocop cabinet actually turned out to be Track & Field which i'm stoked about
The REAL Robocop cabinet had a freaky marquee and tiny control panel. But Track & Field is all standard, and the control panel is 9x23.5
"Robocop" had a dead monitor (burn-in shows it came from another game called Trojan)
The cabinet looks to be orginally painted by Centuri in a really beautiful blue, either that or it was black, i dunno.

This is right after i removed the robocop sticker, hmm, blue!

Here is some pictures of the cabinet cleaned up, striped down and primered (this is NOT the final layer of paint)
The darker looking pictures are flash off and the bright are, well flash on. Neither is really correct

Here are some pics with the 1st layer of paint on

while waiting for the paint to dry i thru together a nifty little monitor/cabinet support

Another shot showing off my elite 1x1 and 4x4 mating ritual

I also decided to add a 1x1 across the top of the front monitor bezel so you can slide the glass up to access the monitor controls
In the pic the greyish/white stuff above the piece of pine is the plexiglass i was going to use (replaced with real glass)

Here are some shots of it almost done (still need marquee and coinbox work)