Control Panel

I replaced the orginal metal control panel with a piece of particle board that came with a light maple melmaline(sp?)
Here is my first Control Panel Prototype. I need to move the top 4way to the left a little
That was done before i had a drill, so button placement was really spotty
These buttons are from an old mortal kombat II, they are beat to hell and full of coke, but good for test fitting. And no, player I/II won't be there! :)

Control Panel Prototype MK ][

I learned that using a 1 1/8 bit and only drilling half way thru the 3-layer cardboard worked ALOT better then before

Looks good!

Time to screw in the joysticks

Finding the right home for the spinner is VERY difficult, i kept changing my mind (as you can see in the blue Xs that are scratched out)

Well, Prototype ][ looked good, so time to make it a reality!
The secret was to use the same process and drill half on each side
Also i drilled pilot holes to make sure i didn't wander off course

I couldn't wait to see the buttons in this thing!