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My MAME project

These programs read your mame.map file and try to match the 8 character dos rom name to the full length game name.
I suggest you use your own mame.map file, but mine is linked here as an example.

favemame.pl A webcgi program i wrote to recieve game plays from my mame machine.
To send the game plays from your MAME machine automatically put a small batch file in your frontend
game launcher's "execute" variable in place of mame32.exe, etc. that contains a call like the following:
wget -owget.tmp "http://your.server.com/cgi-bin/favmame.cgi?game=%1"

favemame-advanced.pl A more advanced version of the previous script and the one I currently use.
The advanced version searches for an image that matches the rom name, incase you play say "joustr.png" (joust red label edition) but
you only have the jpg image for "joust". It continues to remove letters off the end of the rom tell it runs out of content.
Not a perfect algorith, but seems to work for all the games i've tested so far :D

Wget is usually installed by default in linux. Fedora: yum install wget Ubuntu: sudo aptget install wget
You can get wget for windows from http://xoomer.virgilio.it/hherold/#Files

These last two programs display the results of the program above, you insert them as an SSI (server side include) call in your html.
last5.pl The last 5 games played listed with image links.
top5.pl The top 5 favorite games listed with image links.

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