IF Condition [THEN | GOTO] [Label | EXIT]

Evaluate Condition and, if it is true, jump to the point in the program designated by Label.

IF...THEN is decision maker that affects program flow. It tests a Condition statement and, if that statement is True, goes to a point in the program specified by Label. The available comparison operators are:

Comparison Operator Definition
= Equal
<> Not Equal
> Greater Than
< Less Than
>= Greater Than or Equal To
<= Less Than or Equal To

Comparisons are always written in the form: Variable Op Value.

  IF StartBtn = 1 THEN Main                     ' wait for input to go low

  IF ModePin = 0 GOTO Show_AMPM                 ' use HH:MM xM format if mode = 0

Some programmers may prefer a more verbose style; the following syntax is also supported:

  IF ModePin = 0 THEN GOTO Show_AMPM            ' use HH:MM xM format if mode = 0

Related instructions: IF ... THEN ... ELSE, BRANCH, GOTO, and EXIT