BRANCH Offset, Label0 {, Label1, Label2, ...}

Jump to the program Label specified by Offset which can be a Byte or Word variable. Note that the value of Offset should not be greater than the number of labels-1, otherwise the BRANCH instruction will be skipped.

The BRANCH instruction is useful when you want to do something like this:

  IF value = 0 THEN Case_0                      ' value = 0: go to label "Case_0"
  IF value = 1 THEN Case_1                      ' value = 1: go to label "Case_1"
  IF value = 2 THEN Case_2                      ' value = 2: go to label "Case_2"
  IF value = 3 THEN Case_3                      ' value = 3: go to label "Case_3"
  IF value = 4 THEN Case_4                      ' value = 4: go to label "Case_4"

You can convert a long list of IF-THEN statements to BRANCH to like this:

  BRANCH value, Case_0, Case_1, Case_2, Case_3, Case_4


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