Syntax: {IF Condition THEN} EXIT

Causes the immediate termination of a loop construct (FOR...NEXT or DO...LOOP) when Condition evaluates as True.

The EXIT command allows a program to terminate a loop construct before the loop limit test is executed. For example:

  FOR idx = 1 TO 15 
    IF idx > 9 THEN EXIT 
    SEROUT TX, Baud, "*"

In this program, the FOR idx = 1 TO 15 loop will not run past nine because the IF idx > 9 THEN EXIT contained within will force the loop to terminate when idx is greater than nine. Note that the EXIT command only terminates the loop that contains it. In the the program above, only nine asterisks will be transmitted on the TX pin.

Here is the DO...LOOP version of the same program:

  idx = 1

    IF idx > 9 THEN EXIT 
    SEROUT TX, Baud, "*"
    INC idx
  LOOP WHILE idx <= 15

EXIT may also be used by itself when part of a larger IF...THEN...ENDIF or DO...LOOP block:

  IF idx > 9 THEN
    SEROUT TX, Baud, CR
    idx = 1

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