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Daibhéid Mac an Ultalgh

  • Port Accountant Shows a running list of hosts trying to connect to a port
  • Github Gists Small snippets of helpful things
  • tmux cheatsheet 21 lines, fits in default terminal
  • nginx sha512 Generate a free sha2-512 cert for nginx
  • nmap-scanner Automated network portscanner that alerts on changes
  • monitor-nmbd Monitors and re-elects Samba 3.0 Master Browsers
  • vimrc Some settings I really like in the VIM editor
  • SSD are fast! Sometimes faster then your RAIDs
  • Dropbox Howto setup dropbox.com on a headless linux server
  • Dropbox checksum Howto checksum your dropbox.com files
  • Linux Diags Basic Linux (unix) sysadmin diag procedures
  • SX/B Basic VIM (vi) Syntax file for SX/B Basic uC language
  • Transcoding Convert nin.com .mp1 files to .mp3
  • Perl Stuff

  • Lock File Example howto do lockfiles in perl
  • Network Speed Monitoring Client - Server
  • Cat vs Open benchmarking a lazy alternative to RO open()
  • Foreach vs map is map() really better then looping?
  • Hostname What is the best way to get the local hostname?
  • Convert Epoch simple perl script to convert timestamps in a stream
  • Legacy (Redhat 5-7) Howtos

  • Apache SSL notes on how to compile a https apache server
  • Redhat 7 VM snapshot a production server and import it into XEN
  • 2 Monitors Quick and easy dual monitors with an nvidia card
  • HOWTO Route thru RR Run multi ips thru a linux box
  • HOWTO Route thru Pacbell DSL Run multi ips thru a linux box
  • HOWTO run TrueType Fonts Run em on your linux box

  • image image image image image image image
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